Ducts and components - Micro ducts

The micro duct technology is a convenient way to clear the way for a fully functioning network. When the micro ducts are installed, you can simply blow the fibre through the ducts all the way to each end user. On the way, you have saved both time and money.

Flexible, smooth and easy to keep track of

There are many benefits using micro ducts. They are quick to install and easy to join together. There are also versions for all different conditions and all are compatible with each other. Ralas products have the advantage that the tubes are encoded into 12 different colors. It creates a clarity that makes installations faster and safer.

Think ahead

Once you've taken the initial cost - the ducts are in the ground and the roads are rebuilt -then you want to make everything work. Of course, the fibre could immediately be installet into a flawless network. But it should also be possible to repair and update the network for years to come. Maybe today you just need one single duct that can handle a fibre length of 500 meters. But who knows what you want and need in 10 years time? Maybe 2000 meters? Maybe even longer? It is therefore essential to use the best materials available. And as it stands today, is the best also the most cost-effective.

The very best will do

Rala only work with the best technology. The quality of a duct and micro duct can be measured in many characteristics. They include the friction, smooth design and high ring stiffness. But in the end, after all, the most important thing is that the ducts have a long life. We only work with world leading manufacturers. Partners that focuses on telecommunications and ensure that we and our customers receive a suitable material. As we really want.